Well here it is mid-March already and this coming Friday, the 18th, will mean I've been playing Texas Holdem for 6 weeks. Actually I've never played any poker in my life prior to this. I had stated this in my very first blog here as well as my having the ambition to go Pro. I never really explained how I come to have such a lofty ambition. It's not as tho I fell off the turnip truck last night and decided...oh,I think I'll be a Poker Pro today. I actually joined Poker Stars over a year ago...downloaded the software and had a look around. I completely missed the Poker School being here, but most likely because, and I'll admit it...I was completely overwhelmed and intimidated just opening up the lobby to check and make certain my software downloaded properly and things were working. The whole thing was simply...intimidating...that's the only word I can use to describe how I felt. But I digress.

A bit about me...I am a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, a Veteran of 6 Tours overseas in Africa and the Middle East. 4 years ago this coming June, on Father's Day, my wife and I were involved in a violent motor vehcle accident that broke my back and neck for the third time...the original time ended my military career some 25 years ago. The wreck ended my second career as a Longhaul Trucker. So I've been out of work with no personal income for 4 years. I had been awaiting a legal suit that fell thru since the people that hit us skipped the country to avoid, and even if we have been awarded a winning judgement...nothing from nothing is still nothing...you can't get blood from a stone. I've mentioned in previous articles about having trouble passing the tests in the School. Well, having to take a rather large quantity of morphine everyday, also means that no one will hire me even part time as blue vested Greeter as you pass by with your cart. I don't blame them...but I can't keep going without any income. That outweighs and overpowers the intimidation I felt a year ago when I first opened the lobby.

I finally just got to the point that I was too interested in and enjoyed at least watching the game enough, that over the year since the download, I've read and watched a lot of Texas Holdem. I came to the conclusion six weeks ago, that I knew enough to at least no longer be intimidated by the Poker Stars Lobby...or any other for that matter! I chose to remain here at PS simply because it is the best site, with the most comprehensive nformation and site features, that I could find. And it's no BS here...you see exactly what you get and get exactly what you see. Lastly...LOL...I did finally find the Poker School and it is, hands down, the best training system on the net!!!

In 6 weeks I've been slapped around pretty good both on the Play Money and Micro Stakes tables, but I've also made a lot as well. I've amassed a very healthy Play Money Bankroll, but I've lost $80.00 Real Money...I have mistakes and errors in my game yet. I suppose even the Pro's can say that and constantly fine tune their game as well. I mean that I have some serious flaws yet...or I wouldn't have been beaten out $80 bucks would I? But I can say that I gave $80.00 to a few very good Opponents who if I could...I would tell them it was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience and good luck in the future...we'll meet again and I'll be taking your stacks next time...smiling...I learn quickly!!! I've written off the $80.00 as a learning bankroll that believe it or not...I hadn't seriously intended to be able to hold onto for even as long as I did. I really, technically,lost $112.65 because along the way, I won my fair share of hands as well. I am up $88,000.00 plus in Play Money...so I am doing something right as well. I can honestly and seriously tell you that I have never completely lost, not even once, the $2000 dollar play money bankroll everyone here is given to start playing.

Ok...so now that I sound like a walking advertisement for Poker Stars [which I suppose I am anyway], my reasoning for having the ambition of going Pro is because it might have taken me a very long time, but I finally found something I love to do, that I physically and mentally am capable of doing, and doing very well, and my wife gets her dining room back because the Gunsmithing I do will remain more a hobby than a main source of income dream.  I still have a long, long way to go and a great deal to learn. I'm not nearly ballsy enough to say I've made it after only 6 weeks in the game. After all...I still have to pass that damn SNG quiz,lol.

Originally, and up to about about 2 weeks ago...players extreme aggression on the tables was very confusing too me....some of it still is. But I've gotten to the point where I can tell a Poker School Graduate Opponent, from the total Donk's out there. And on the Micro Stakes tables, there are far more total Donks playing...or at least they are only went part-way thru the course before the made the decision to hit the tables and be so aggressive. And addmitadly, some of them are just barely old enough to play and figure it's only $5.00 I'm throwing away and they can always go run to mommy and daddy and get more allowance next month...they've never worked a day in the life and see Holdem and the PS Big Game on TV and are certain they are the next Danielle or Unabomber. To that I say...go do an honest days work and find out how hard that money is to earn first, before you start getting stupid aggressive and thrwoing it around like that. As the School teaches...luck only lasts so long and aggression only gets one so far...sooner or later...I will own your allowance, month after month...I'll own you Donks all day long.

So my dream continues...I'll keep learning and playing...winning some, losing some...and I'll keep you all updated as I do...but I'm not going away...I'm going Pro.

Good Luck and I'll see you on the felt