Well I finally got up the nerve to enter my first tournament. It was one a Bronze Level event, a $0.25 buy in Turbo event, that honestly had me nervous as hell going in, never mind the connection issues that plauged my laptop the moment the action started.

So after my laptop ceased having issues, and getting bounced three times to a different table...I could finally play...or lose quickly, whichever way you choose to look at it. I survived long enough to see the blinds raise the first time. The first thing I learned...I suck badly and shriveled in the face of the more aggressive style of going all in Pre-Flop. The first hand I attempted was AKo, and I was summarily down half my initial $1500 stack, and was left with but $460. I folded hands, because I was more or less dealt air until I was BB and was dealt and folded on 84o hole. In the SB tho, I was dealt and AQ hearts and got flattened by AKs that landed 8h 9h As Ks Kd. Needless to say I was bounced out in 1784th position. Definately not at all what I expected...or was ready for...and a very embarrassing finish to my very first tournament. There were no bad bets, nothing wrong but my style of play and obviously I chose to go in with a hand that just wasn't good enough.

It's without a single doubt, going to be some time, and a lot more practice play and studying the game, before I attempt to enter another tournament. I obviously blow at Pre-Flop Aggression...no I shant share how I play, or prefer to play, save I give away too much info about myself, if I haven't already but I'll just have to risk that. The point of me writing this blog is my hopes that in my own small way, I can help other new virgin players like myself, and entice the into the Poker School here, and to take the training seriously. Let's face it...there's thousands of people out there willing to freely dispense advice on how to do anything from washing the dog to playing poker. Dump it all and take the courses offered here and listen to only those who actually know...I've mentioned just a few in another installment....people who are Pro or at least Semi-Pro and do know the game and won't steer you wrong.

Maybe the above does sound like I'm a walking advertisement for the Poker Stars School? And I am!!! I only advocate things in this world that I believe in, and if you follow my blog you already know my future ambitions. Well I just happened to be on Play Money 5/20 Pot Limit tables and met a woman [No names besides mine mentioned here] and frankly...I took $9500 play dollars out of her bankroll before she got wondering where I learned to play and asked me. So thru the chat, I told her. Now she only wants to play for fun. But how much fun can one have, when they lose so big, so often? Sure I got blown out in my first tournament, but I don't profess to be the greatest poker player on earth either. I recommended the school and lessons to her and she foolishly accused me of trying to be a sales pitch...at which point I took another $2000 off her.

And I'm holding my own on the $0.01/0.02 Pot Limit Micro Stakes tables as well. Made $ 12.65 profit just last nite. Which, no I am not bragging, I am merely saying that I am making a profit, which my beautiful Wife and I desperately need and I am saying that I owe it all to the Poker Stars School. If Granny wants to have more fun or if you have my ambitions...you need the school too...that's all I'm saying. And if at first you get blown out as embarrassingly as I did your first time out? Don't give up...practice moe and re-study the lessons and ask lots of questions on the free forum here. Because no, it's definately not fun losing so badly as I did but, I won't hide it and just give you my WOW moments. I share the bad and the good...and there's a lot of bad going on in my game right now.

I'm way up in Play Money, having accumalated [sp] over $35,000, I'm up in Real Money by $23.60 but I'm getting smoked in the tournaments obviously. My placing is obviously nothing to brag about, and you bet it's embarrassing as hell to end up in 1784th position. But I still can't picture the table enough in my mind to understand the SNG Quiz and yep...I've failed it for 10th time now. Which also just a bit more than embarrassing. Am I just lucky? Perhaps! Am I mental midget? Perhaps I'm that too...who else but me,  in the world, fails the same test 10 times running?

But I learn something new every time I hit the internet felt, and one time I will completely understand the questions on the quiz and pass. But none of that is the school's fault or a flaw in the lessons...it's all on me and that's just the way it is.

Just don't give up after taking in the teeth a few times, is all I'm saying.