It's been interesting to say the least. But I am still here with bugged out eyes after playing an average of 8 hours/day and more in love with the game every day. Like I can't get enough, LOL. I've learned more than I could've possibly imagined and Pet Peeve remains and I am moe adamant about it each new day as well.

No, I'm not bragging here, so i won't talk about the Play Money I've amassed over the 14 days I've been playing. In regards to the aforementioned Pet Peeve though, I will say morons that throw those huge amounts of money at cards with more ink than white space are just that...morons. You ruin a great table and a fantastic learning experience for a great many. I can just be thankful that I now have thousands of your chips in my account, and you're sitting twiddling your thumbs waiting for the hour to pass to even be able to reload 2 Grand so you can piss it away again.

Ship It...I'll take all I can get from you and smile and laugh doing it!!!

Now I have no where the experience required to get into the intricasies of playing the game. But I can say, to all the Poker Virgins like anything you can get your greedy little mitts on here. In the Blogs and Forum there are vast amounts of everything from Advice to Zen...literally an A to Z of how to play the game and become successful at it...not that I'm a success...yet!!!

And I want to expressly thank BUDA505..."Buda" himself, Mr. Julius Pinson, for all the time, teaching and just flat out fun he so kindly donates to us. As well I need to thank - A_fuffunick - Sue Fischer - antlovesang1 - PanickyPoker & BULLseyeCoA, for the kindess, help and tips they afforded me tonite while playing on the Members Tables. I learned a great deal and had a great time. If anyone here is not taking part in this FREE  teaching and all round good time...then you should be!!! Where else are you going to have the opportunity to chew the fat all you want with a Poker Pro and some damn fine amateur players? And I strongly suggest reading Buda's Blog...enough said.

While in some ways I have surprised very good ways and with my play, in others I've come to see just how very far I have yet to go before I can even consider myself a challenge to anyone. But over's been agreat two weeks and there's nothing telling me I won't one day realize my goals of going Pro. A very bold statement I suppose...especially considering the company I was in tonite. It cost me a cool 7 thousand hard earned play dollars ( I refuse to call them "won dollars", I spent a lot of long tough hours playing the free money Holdem Pot Limit tables and put up with a lot of crap from the aforementioned moron s out there). I earned those play dollars playing the game...not just throwing money at cards and hoping for those few pathetic lucky wins those retards get.

It's been fun yet frustrating at times. There are high's and low's...try to keep an even keel or I promise will sink. It's a very fun it your way...not theirs!!!

Good Luck and I'll see you at the tables...soon to be real money tables for me.