So I'm at a good table...meaning I'm playing with people that one, want to learn the game and two, love the game of Poker and 3, want to enjoy playing. Then sits down some little snot nosed brat(s), that treat every table like it's heads up tounament time or more likely, don't have the first clue about wanting to improve their game, they just throw raises and reraises out like they're nothing because it's free money play and they can always go back and score another two thousand from the bank, as it were.

I would seriously like to see these little pukes play that way with their own, real money!!! Little bastards would be broke in a heartbeat and go away and leave those of us playing serious poker, alone to learn and succeed and leave them playing their rap music in some scum corner of the planet, broke, begging for money with the rest of the bums. Better yet, I also wish that once they lose their free took a month before they get another free bankroll to play with.

They absolutely destroy the game, destroy the table for the serious players, and they're like a bad rash...they come in the hundreds and won't go away no matter how much they know they're not wanted! Sometimes it would be nice to play live against these pukes, so a guy could bust their noses and get rid of them for good. Do they seriously think  raising and reraising every single hole card is how the game is played? It just shows that these kids today haven't had to work for anything in their pathetic little lives. Mommy and Daddy have handed them everything and when they don't get it they don't have clue one how to go out an earn it for themselves. Sure they're just getting lucky now and then and walk into a table with 10grand, and ruin the play there with their crap. And yes I do so enjoy watching them lose their bankrolls, even if isn't to me. I just wnat the pukes gne...and gone for matters not to me, whom beats them, just so long as someone does...and they do...every time. These snot nosed wonders haven't got the slightest clue how to play the game, never mind manage a bankroll.

What we need is a small symbol on each table in the lobby list, that tells players like me if we're joining a serious table...or the kindie garten hour. These snot nosed pukes need to be grouped together where they can raise and reraise themselves to hell and back...or at least until they grow up and understand that the $2000 bankroll they're given should be treated like real money, and played like it's their last chance in this world to make something with some of us in this world...IT IS YOU RETARDS!!!!

Some of us need this chance to learn and play free money tables seriously. Some of us have our debts to society in the Military and paid for it with our smashed and broken bodies and can't get work anywhere and turn to poker with plans on going Pro because it's out last shot at being able to contribute to feeding your spoiled, snot nosed faces and keeping a roof over your spoiled rotten pea brained heads. But then you wouldn't understand that because you've never tried getting a job in your lives! You're so busy trying to find the easy money and striking it rich without using your brains, and you are going to broke...soon...and I can only hope it's me that bankrupts each and every one of you little pukes and sends you back to leach and suck every last cent out of your parents. Maybe then you'll realize that there are no free rides in this world. You actually have to get off your spoiled asses and put in the effort to become skilled at the game before you're ever going to make it big.

These massive raises and reraises are not only ruining the table for the rest of's really annoying, it's bad etiquette, it psses the majority of us off big time...and I wish all of you that play that way would just take a walk and get the hell off this site. I'm not the only one who feels this way...many do...I'm just the first one with balls to tell you to go away!!!