While, without lying about the facts, exaggerating my play, or anything else...I've been playing Fun money Games for 5/10 and I'm $2000.00 up on my original big wins over the weekend. My play bankrool, which I was given a $1000.00 to begin with, wnet to $16,538.00 (see my blog post - After 72 hours), and today, as I write this, I am  $13,956.00. I got over confident of my play over the weekend and after my huge win...and summarily lost it down to just uner $1200.00 by Sunday night. I got into 5 really big pots for $5/$10 play and lost all 5 hands. One I made a really stupid mistake on and three I got beat on full houses ( 1. holding Jack's over 8's and lost to Queen's over Ten's. 2. holding Queen's over 6's and lost Queen's over 9's. 3. I was holding 10's over 4's and lost Ace's over 4's), leaving one which I am calling a bad beat as it was straight that I was 3 thru 7 and lost 5 to another straight 8 thru K. Which took my play bankroll down to a paltry $900.00.

To my absolute shock and surprise, I was playing with this fella, i won't name because I have not asked him if I may use his screen name in my blog, made a crack during a game, "I've got so much money I need to get rid of some". on the chat. We had been talking politely all night, so i make a crack, "I could use a loan,lol ", and some clown thought I was serious and on the chat got snotty so I replied to him that I was obviously not serious and just trying to make a joke. Did this moron not see my (lol) in the message? It was a freaking joke. But this new friend I have, for whatever kind reason, comes back and tells me to look at my account, and I do, and he's given me $10,000.00 ???? Needless to say I looked at my wife in astonishment to the kindness and couldn't believe it!!! Lesson here is, there are still very generous and kind people in the world. Don't ever lose faith in that.

However, there is in fact $13G plus in my account...I am doing this right if not perfect. I have afteall read and re-read the lessons in the course completely three times over, have notebooks full of notes and in some cases complete lessons word for word. I've paid attention, tried to fix my mistakes, and learned a great deal. For instance it was in the wee hours of Monday morning ( Iplayed all night because I couldn't sleep) that I learned that a straight flush does not need to be consecutive cards to win the hand. Yes I am Fish, a Rookie, Fresh Meat...I admitted in my first post that I have never played the game, never even heard of Texas Hold "em unti a week ago this Thursday coming....it's Tuesday afternoon and I've been playing the game of Poker since this past Friday night.

My total knowledge comes from the course and the other reading I've done since Friday, and my play reflects that the course is right and the techniques and principles it teaches are sound. But after all this, after everything...I still can't get better than a 67% on the damn SNG Quiz which I have taken now 5 times!!! And it's very maddening!!! Why can't I pass this damn thing? It's confusing the hell out me the way it's written is number one, but I read and studied and googled terms and read articles anddefinitions and shall never stop trying to learn. I read everything I can get my hands on. I watch the Poker Stars Big Game and any other that on TV, aa well as all the other Poker shows. And I've figured out a great deal and learned just as much. I'm not stupid...but those questions confuse me still. I tried the test and answered like I played and even found two mistakes I was making...huge one's.

My tracking has me playing only 23% of the hands dealt. I have a plus minus average showing I am winning 64% of the hands I do play to then end. I fold on average in 58% of the hands I get to Flop on. And so I am up $2956.00 from what I was originally given to start playing in Fun Money Games. If that was real money, it's more than I've made in a month, in over 4 years!!! Yet I cannot pass this damn quiz.