Well it's not been great, but I am doing some things correctly post PSO Course instruction.

It's embarrassing but I'll fess up to it...I've failed my SNG Quiz twice now. I'm seriously unhappy with this result, but I will pass and will learn the intricacies I need to, in order to survive and succeed.  First time I seriously botched it, scoring but 40%. I still don't know why, but I am finding it very difficult to grasp the way the questions are explained in the quiz? It's confusing the hell out of me! The second go-round I did marginally better, but not much, no where near the score I expected.

So I figured I might as well try the free play, play money tables at 5/10 Pot Limit level. Yesterday I did so so...didn't get my stack wiped out too quickly but it did happen. Went thru two stacks before I settled down and started getting the hang of really playing poker for the first time in my life. Had to embarrass myself a few times and ask what people were saying in the chats, lol...but chalk that up my greying hair and never having chatted before either. I shall need to learn that as well!

But now, at the end of 72 hours of my attempting to play poker and hitting the pavement, as it were, the rubber met the road and I'm up $14,596.00. It came on 4 hands and no, it wasn't just luck!!! I paid attention to all I've learned here at PSO and it's sinking in, and I'm winning money. Play money or not, I play it like it's cold hard cash, which I think is the entire point? Putting the principles I've learned to practice, being in on 18% of the hands dealt...and 14G richer for it.

Not great...but not bad. Must be something right at least a decent part of the time and we'll see where it goes from here? Can't wait to get a reloadable credit card happening and putting a deposit in and getting into my first tournament...after I do in fact pass the SNG Quiz of course. I'm no where near brave enough to go into cash games without knowing I can pass that damn quiz.

Thank you to Daniel and all the others for creating the site and the training!!!

Good Luck Everyone...see you at the tables!!!