Well this is my first blog with PSO and as the title says...I'm a poker virgin. We'll soon see I suppose, if a 48 y.o. can learn to play the game and actually fulfill the dream of going pro.

That's right, I said I want to become good enough to go pro! Lost my means of making a living via a bad car wreck 4 years ago and I'm getting really sick to death of having to watch my beautiful wife go to work everyday to support us alone. Am I dreaming? I don't think so. With the excellent training courses here and a gross amount of effort and studying and of course the assumption that I'm going to get smoked by better players for at least awhile to come ( but learning even from the loss), I really think there's room enough in this world for a guy to apply himself properly and work hard at something fun, and have a good time making a few bucks, and hope to become good enough...to make it big!

Hopefully...there will be many more installments to my blog letting those who care to read it...to follow my progress and eventual success.

Wish me luck...as I certainly wish all PSO Members and Players luck on their road to their dreams.