At the start of the year I set myself a challenge to spend 2250 FPPs on FPP satellites with the plan to ungegister for tournament dollars when I won. The idea was to try to get better value fo my FPPs than the $25 bonus available in the VIP store to Silverstars.

Here is a link to the forum thread I made for this challenge:

The bottom line was that I earned 35 tournament dollars, which is not too bad.

Another interesting result is that I discovered there is an amazing variety of FPP satellites available, many of whom can be quite profitable. In paricular this had me try out several types of hyper-turbos, which can take some getting used to.

If one can find the right balance between tight play and spew it is possible to beat the majority of the field in these as they tend to be massive donk-fests. Of course, the variance is high so one must play many games but the upside is that they do not take up much time to play, and some start frequently enough that one can multi-table them.

A few tips on my favorites games:

13FPP 10man Sunday Spark Sats:
These are available the late part of the week (Thursday to Saturday I think) and are quite soft
2 places get paid. The prize is low ($1) but they start very frequently.

1FPP 300man rebuy sat to Sunday Storm:
These are fantastic allin-festivals while rebuy lasts and if you manage to bink a big stack early these are excellent value.
High variance and only worth rebuying the very first levels.

100FPP 36man 6max 2 x Shootout sats to Sunday Storm:
These are really interesting. The key is the final table: 5 get paid so extreeme patience on FT is called for. Very often someone does not manage to switch gears in time and shoves with normal hyper trash and busts carelessly.

70FPP turbo Sats to daily $10+1 tournaments.
These are found under Tournamens/VIP tabs and are old favourites. These take about 1 hour to play and have MUCH less variance than the hypers.


The point is that the variety of these games is such that there should be something to suit everyones' taste, and I urge everybody to try some out.