By stumbling onto the Onaha Week Rountable training video in the library I discovered the wonderful world of 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel.

It may seem strange (considering the fact that I have not had really good success at plain Omaha) that I would fare any better at these variants but I suspect that the added complexity forces me to concentrate much more at these so that I do fewer bad blunders. I also suspect that the field at the lowest stakes are not very good.

In addition to this I must admit that I have been amazingly lucky which goes a long way towards making up for my donkish play.

Here are a few examples from today:

AAxxx types hands are not worth much in this game but this was double-suited with a K and a T so adequately connected. After I limped preflop it is opened by BB and called by everyone I donkishly pot it. Not sure what result I was hoping for there.
Fortunately luck was on my side, and I was not the only donk on that table.

Here is another badly played hand:

Okey, hand is somewhat well conected but low cards. I float the 3-way pot with the idea of making a straight.
The flop is quite advantageous so then opener CBets half pot and small stack calls, I float again. Most non-diamonds under 8 cards will be good to me. Except the ace which is what turned up. Original aggressor checks and smallie jams. I had the impression that I had some pot-odds (which turned out not to be the case) so I call, and aggressor too.
I bink a (non-nuts) straight on the river and lead with a tiny bet. Villain folds so probably was on a flush/and or boat draw.
Smallie had jammed with just top pair. 

This one was funny:

It was funny because I somehow misread my hand and was under the impression that I held AsKd not AdKs.
The villain had been doing some strange moves so when he re-pops my modest river bet to my supposedly nuts, I just licked my chops and re-re-popped.
When he re-popped again almost all in, I shoved. I am not sure what villain put me on but he called. He had turned a straight but given me a free card to make my flush.
It was only when he chatted: "how can you push?" that I realized that I had not had the nuts and that villain had been trying to represent the nuts himself with his bare ace.
Nice move pal, but don't use it on donks! 

This next hand was really enjoyable:

Note: this is Courchevel so the Ah was chown preflop before betting.
Button is a reg and plays TAG (relatively). I call although I am sure that I will be told this is a fold preflop situation.
Flop is massively connected and quite promising. Quite a few draws there but villain could easily already have a hand so I check. When he checks behind I get the idea that he might be on a AAxxx hand and really hope to turn my flush.
The turn obliges abundantly. I was not sure how to get paid so I check again with the plan to try a bluffy move on the river.
The river card made me happy. Now a lot of villain's boat draws got there. I bet not quite pot and he obliged by repotting.
When I repotted back he surprised me by jamming. Turned out he did have that AAxxx hand.

As these examples show, these games can be quite fun and profitable and do not require much skill so long as one makes sure to be ourageously lucky! 

See you all on the 5 Card Omaha tables!