December had me busy in real life and work so It was obvious early in the month that I would not be able to perform a first class poker show.

The Premier League

I decided to reduce my goals to just keeping my place in the Premier league in the hope that I will have more time in January. This I have achieved but I must tell you it did not look too good for a time.

The Premier League game times are particularly inconvenient for me so I cannot play too many of them so it is imperative to go for quality over quantity. And Quality was precisely what I did NOT achieve .

Halfway into the month and after 11 games I had lost 45 points. only 3 games have been in the positive and barely that.

Fortunately the next game got me finishing #5 of 424 for a massive 92 points.

now I am sitting in position #577 pretty garanteed to keep my PL ticket, and tomorrow I will play one last game for a shot and top 500 and $20. I will play pretty aggressively because even busting out in last place will not lose me enough oints to risk my PL ticket but a good score can easily lift me to top 500. A mediocre score will do nothing for me. I reckon I need about 25 to 30 points. Good luck to me!


My $1.50 9man SNG challenge

When the PL ticket seemed in the bag, I made myself a little challenge: play 100 9man turbo SNGs during the hollidays.

To spice things a bit up and to make me take it a bit more seriously I offered shares on the forum, and got a bunch of unlucky takers.

I am sad to say that this my first stake did not end in profit and my investors lost 25% of their shares.

I am wondering what to do about this.