Those who read my last post may remenber that I ended last month with a wicked downswing in my SNGs.

I had been playing the $1.50 9man turbos with good success and had decided it was time to move up to the $3.50 games as I am well bankrolled for them. I had heard they play the same as the $1.50s and as I crushed those I had imagined this would be a piece of cake.

Unfortunately November started horribly.

First 8 games without a itm gave me a ROI of  -100% and a perfect downward sloping graph. after 15 games ROI was still about  -50% and I was getting desperate.

It was time to take stock of the situation. What was going on? Are the $3.50s this much harder?


After some reviewing, I have decided the problem was simply a combination of a tiny bit of running bad and the fact that I had gotten too used to getting away with an overly aggressive play in the $1.50s. Those guys are way too timid near the bubble and I had been abusing that.

The $3.50 guys are quicker to catch on and start playing back much more when I spew. In fact they tend to be a bit of a calling station sometimes. (I am talking about the regs).

For good measure I played a few $1.50 sessions, saw that I was still crushing and got my confidence back. Back on the $3.50s, I tightened my game slightly and am having MUCH better results.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep this up.


The main point of this story is that when things go badly it can be a good idea to stop a bit and try to spot what has changed, instead of plodding on stubbornly. The other point is that when morale is low then it can be useful to pop down to a level that one can easily beat to rebuild confidence a bit.