October almost done, and time to look back and evaluate.

As usual there were wild swings this month, but overall this has been one of my most successful months so far. How could this be any other way with my binking 4th place in the Big Bang tournament?

But even without counting that one, this month has not been bad overall, even if things were not perfect all the time.

One annoying pattern recurs for me: Whenever I am doing well in ring games, my tournaments/SNG suck, and vice versa. This month I had periods of both. It began with a wonderful ring game graph and pathetic tournament graph, then things reversed around the Big Bang, and reversed again in the very last part of the month.


Here are a few graphs: (warning: very low stakes and small amounts)

Ring Games:


Tournaments/SNG (without freerolls)
In the middle of the month I took on a 100 game 9man $1.50 SNG challenge which went quite well.


Then I started to play $3.50 9mans. that did not go quite as well.


If I include freerolls (Big Bang) the tournament graph is funnyer:

Amazing how much difference one tournament can make!

Other good news this month is I made it back to Silverstar and it looks like I am going to make it to the Prenier League.


So what now?

Obviously I have to do something about those $3.50 9mans. I resolve to start single-tabling them until I am beating them. After each set of 10 games, I will play $1.50 games until I have rebuilt lost BR, and then try again.

My second aim is to stay in the Premier League.

Keeping silverstar status is not important, and I think it will just come naturally as soon as I start beating the $3.50 games and can start to multi-table a bit.

Let us see how next month goes.