It's been 2 weeks now since the Big Bang where I reached the final table and achieved what must be my best result so far in poker.

For various reasons I put off reviewing my game but now that I did, I thought this could be an interesting subject for a blog entry.

So here it is, a review of my main hands on my final table on October's Big Bang.


The final table started true to the tournament's name with an all-in in the very first hand.
Oshicuru with about 8BB shoved with AQs in UTG+a but was coolered and crippled by a AKo held by Tripter who only had 6BB.

Hand nr.2 was my worst played hand of the final table, I am afraid.

Oshicuru shoves from UTG and is called by burnpricess and I only have to pay 1BB to see the flop. I had not seen burnpricess go much out of line so I put him on something decent, especially with the stack leader still to act in the SB. I considered shoving here as I felt burnpricess would go out of the way and I would have great odds agains the small stack with my A3o. Howewer I lost my nerve (or saw reason) and just called. I was just thinking of making sure Oshicuru would be eliminated for great ICM value. I checked down mu bottom pair on the flop and turn and stupidly minbet on the river when a flush made it and even more stupidly called the minraise from burnpricess. I was really angry at myself after this hand but resolved to not tilt. after all I still had 14BB and much could happen. AND one player eliminated.


And indeed, in the very next hand, something did: I got KK

Not a big pot, but it did wonders for my mood!


10th hand: 34o in the big blind

A minraise and a call before me so I get really good odds to call this with my connectors, but there problems: the villains are small stacks (opener 10BB) so probably not entering this pot lightly, effective stacks are small, I have to spend 1/10 of my stack to call and would be out of position. I opt out. If one were result-orientated one would note that I wold have made a straight on the river against a full house. Not the best of situations.

At tht point I was the smallest stack , the blinds had increased and was waiting for a spot to make a move. Soon I found one: AQo in early position, I shoved and all folded. back to about 11BB still small but not in danger.


Hand 18:

Again I am in the big blind,  Tripter minraises and burnpricess calls. deja vu. But this time ara called too so fantastic odds to call. But ara flat call seemed suspicious to me. he had been playing 10/10 with really really low 3bet% so I could  easily imagine hime here with a monster. Q7o not my favourite hand in this spot. After tanking I decided to pass. Vade Retro pot odds !!


Hand 31:

After a long period of being card dead, during which 2 more players got eliminated, I got 65s UTG. It crossed my mind that my table image at that point was extreemely nitty.

I shoved, but to my chagrin I not only got overshoved by ANDREITAN, but Tripter called! oops my 6d5d were not as cute anymore. But then they got cuter when flop Ad3d7s gave a truckload of outs. And when the river gave me the straight 6d5d was the most cute thing I had seen all my life!

I was now 3rd largest stack five-handed, but my table image out the window So it was a bit nervously that I raised UTG with KQo a few hands later, but no one contested the pot. I got the distinct feeling no one wanted to be eliminated next, and ara did not do his job properly to bully everyone with his gigantic stack so I decided I would make more moves.


Soon I had a chance to do just that. Hand 31:

I admit this was a bit loose but I though I had spotted a betsizing tell with ara where he raised bigger with premiums, here he minraised and I had not made this move against him before, so this should look quite strong.


Hand 36:

Here ggervaccio limped UTG which struck me as weak, but  I was wondering if he was trapping. I intended to raise a bit bigger but misclicked a minraise. No matter, cause they folded.


Hand 37 was A6o on the button. standard raise and all fold. I was running great!

In next hands, all was standard until this happened in hand 46:

With KK in SB, I face 3x raise from ara on button. As I've mentioned he raises his premium hands bigger so I was a bit nervous here. I decided to see a flop and possibly give up if it shows an ace. Which it did. I donk bet the flop and when he raised me I was sure he was good and folded. My donk bet could have been seen as weak, but ar2ax had not shown any tendencies to exploit such things.

After this a long period of standard spots during which burnpricess bought it. I was stealing the blinds quite agressively  in that time because Tripter was not defending much. his hold to steal was 92% according to HEM. I successfully stole with Q8o,  36o,  A7o , AA !!, JJ, 79s A8

Basically I decided that no one wanted to go out in 4th place and I tried to walk over them as much as I could.


finally this happened:

I shove legit hand 99 on the button, and Tripter decides to call with 87o. I have no idea what range he put me on.


All in all I was happy with my play on the final table.