Today was the first time I played one of these. When I tried getting on the website to get the password, it took me so long. I'm presuming traffic to the website was pretty high.

So it started well. Got up to 1900 in the first couple of hands. Eventually I dwindled down to 800, mainly from limp-folding and other poor play. I hit K10o so I shoved it, got two calls... 55's and Q10. Unfortuantly it ended in a chop between me and the Q10. That got me up to around 1500. I can't remember the hand specificly, but I then shoved... I think it was KQo vs A5, and I hit Q on the flop and got up to around 3000.

With some more decent play, I managed to get up to around 4000, which was the average at the time. I then got AA, so I raised to 1000 (blinds were 50/100 I think). Which may seem too steep, but I think I put a guy on tilt, and he was going to call anything - and I was right! He called the 1000, and we went to the flop. It was something like 4K6... he did quite a large raise so I just jammed and got the call. To my delight he showed K7. But, my smile was soon ripped off has he rivered a 7... 

I then had about 900... so I waited a hand or so and got  A7 of hearts, shoved, got called by K6, and unsuprisingly I lost... I don't think I did anything wrong later game. I played well, and made a few good calls. Early play is probably where I went wrong. Comment if you have any suggestions of what I could do better.