I've been playing these for ages. The field use to be really small, and the prizes use to be for like top 10%. But recently they've changed it, to top 117 with higher prizes. That wouldn't be a problem, if not for the 4000-5000 field. 

I can't really remembered what happened in the game I played today. I remember that I had a poor start, losing 200 pretty early on. I then got loads of shit cards, so I folded and limped a few, but by then my stack was like 1200 and average was ~2400. I finally got a hand, QJs. I hate playing QJ as it looks nice, but it doesn't work well. I min raised, and got shoved on. It then got folded back to me. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but I thought that he's probably shoving a similar hand to mine, and I haven't had a decent had apart from this, and I needed a double up. So I called.

He shows 10's, which I'm not too annoyed about. But I totally miss the flop, river, and turn. I'm not too annoyed at this... but I'm pretty sure I did something wrong. I can definitely tell you the early 200 was a mistake. Did I make the wrong allin call? I don't know... suited broadway, and considering the situation I'm in I thought I made the right decision.