I don't really like playing these, but whenever I see a chance to register I do it... 90 out of 10000 is pretty easy right?

So I was playing today, and I was having a reasonably slow start. Limped a few hands, but nothing really happened for me. Blinds were still 20/40. I hit AsKc in mid position, so I think I raised to 120. Only BB decided to come with me. Flop came Ac 10c 9s. BB checks to me, so I make a 2bb raise, get re-raised to like 320, so I 3-bet to 640. I get called. 

Turn is like a 2, so I'm pretty sure I'm ahead still, so I jam the rest of my stack. He calls and shows 10 4. I was pretty happy... what could go wrong? River comes 4. 

I know that's just poker, but I hate losing to really bad play. Fair enough he might have thought I was bluffing... but who calls a 3-bit with second pair weak kicker? 

I'd like to think I played that properly, but if anyone is actually reading this and has any feedback feel free to comment.