So hey guys I haven't blogged since first joining so I figured I'd pop and try and write about my first game in a local CPL game down my pub Right so this was last Thursday so the 19th of this here, a very exciting nieve poker player set out to his first poker game for real money this time now no word of a lie I was for unknown reason petrified, I mean I've done some crazy things in the past but this rocked me :s So this was a nice little £8 buy in with a free buy in at the half way mark if needed, this to me was a nice little warm up just to see how this world works. And I've got to say I loved it. Now I'm not gonna bore you with the basics of every hand or anything as I can't remember all of them, however out 16 people I came 9th missed out by 1 place for the final table... sad I know but i loved everything about the game, basically went all in with AK off suit against K8 off suit pre flop, basically went to a 3 bet by one other player so I had to push in ( hopefully my poker terms are used right here) on the flop unluckily K86 dropped in a rainbow and basically knew that was it , I can't remember what the turn and the river were but they were pointless But really this post is here to let any newbies that are out quietly I fully suggest getting out there and rocking the green'll love it! fact I've got another game there tonight , I'm hoping I can start learning to bring the technical sides of the game I the written blog here so I can get everyone learning a least something with me. Right that's me done guys over and out