So hey fellow pokerstar school people, I thought I'd start my first blog by just a brief description of who I am and what I'm gonna blog about to you wonderful people. So I'm nieve 21 year old bloke whose never played poker for money or online the only money I've bee gambled is monopoly money which even then I get attached to, some people may think well why suddenly start now and why poker! Well I've always had a slight weak spot for cards just the whole debate if it's really gambling or not, I like the fact it's got skill and some mathematical understanding behind it , it's not about luck it's about knowledge . Basically in the last year I broke my collar bone while training for raf so while on my year of recovery I'm delving into this elaborate world of poker. So I figured as well as playing, I'll use this wonderful feature of blogging to literally talk and help other normal "joes" play poker from not even knowing what a pack of cards are . So hopefully I will be blogging about every hick up I have from not knowing what somethings means to how I would play a hand. Right so this is me opening the door too you lovely poker people, so yeah laters