.So you know how to play poker?Now let me ask you this do you also know how to play pool?Most people i assume would say that they play know how to play pool.Well if so go to a pool hall and see if you win.Yes you may know how to play but can you beat those players can you run racks leave the cue ball where you want it masse and so forth.IT took alot of practice to get like that .Poker is alot the same .I have come along way in my game my reson for posting is to help others.I continue to grow as a player.So maybe just maybe you werent the best player in that paticular bet.Notice i say bet evrey detail in holdem counts.ok great you have played perfect teh entire tourn.13th in chips and 10th place sucks out.thats poker 1 bad bet or call can put you out.Any 2 cards can win always cosinder trips a possibilty adjust your game to the moment feel like going for the big hand all your chips drawing 1 away from the nut flush if so i hope you hit if not dont get mad a tourn is a marathon not a sprint i prefer nonturbo of course .my goal is to play the best i can  good luck to all