this is a 36 player turbo 1 through 6th get the 11.oo torn ticket 7th wins 6 dollars i just unregsiter  and i have 11.00 tourn. moneyplayers drop relitivly quickly soon you will be at 27 players blinds by the last 2 tabels are getting spendy its of cours good to have alot of chips at the final tabel but once you make it there your close and get down to 6 players and you share top price  .after a recent cashout and becoming lazy and just entering tourns. without financing them through less risky sit n gos and cash tabels my bankrooll sunk to around 10 dollars ive battled and stayed in there as  of now its at about 9 dollars i am playing in an 11 dollar tourn. i know i am practicting bad bankroll ,mang. but when it gets this low sometimes you gota take chances and i do have some left in june this year i had 56 dollars i joined an 11rebuy so the 1st rebeu plus the addon is like 32 and i cashed for 7k so take a chance every now and then just dont go broke ill keep you posted