If you read my last post The beginning a little about me I would like to say thank you, but you will also know why I am righting this post. So lets get to it the books in my collection and yes I have read them all front to back. 1. Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold'em 2. Killer Poker Online 3.Online Poker ( this is Doyle Brunson's book for online play) 4. Poker for Dummies ( a reference for the rest of us) 5. Read'em and Reap ( this one is Hellmuth and a FBI special agent describing the tells at the table) 6. How To Play Winning Poker ( Avery Cardoza wrote this for the beginner & aspiring professionals) 7. Super System 2 ( Doyle Brunson's book I refer to as the bible) 8. Swayne's Advanced Degree in Hold em ( this book you need to know how to play poker but reading it is like a second or third year college course but for poker) Now lets take a look at the books and hopefully if you are just starting out in the game or are just looking to add to your library you can use what I say about these books to get what you are looking for from the 8 I have and if you have read books that aren't in my selection that you think will benefit me please let me know. Let's say you no nothing about poker out side of the hands and how they rank or you would like a book you can quickly reference when you are about to play then the Poker for dummies is a good book. In this book you will find how to play Seven card stud, Hold'em, Seven card stud 8 or better, High low split, and Omaha. It tells you about your bankroll, hands to play pre-flop and what position to play in, what position is and it is a real good book for people to get to know poker of different forms or for those who want to improve there game without reading hundreds of pages. Another great book for the beginner or somebody willing to improve there game is the book How To Play Winning Poker. In this book you will find how to play the different poker games and will also find beginning and advanced strategies for limit and no limit texas hold em. This book you take and read the sections that apply to the game of your choice, learn practice and repeat every concept and strategy out lined and if you are successful applying them in battle at the table you will see improvement in both your game and profit. Phil Hellmuths Texas Hold'em, I like reading what Phil rights and this book is a good example of why. Every poker book you read is geared towards and say reading and applying what you read in the book will improve your game and make you money, witch is true or people would not play the game and the sport will die. With Phil he started out playing in college and he said before he met his mentor he went through a lot of money trying to figure the game out but when he did look out he has won like 11 bracelets or something like that and this book is for texas hold'em limit, no limit and this is why I love his books. Texas hold'em is my game of choice and he tries to help you learn and become good at the game so you can win money without loosing as much as he did when starting out. The 2 books of online poker I have read are also good books due to the fact that playing online is way different then playing face to face with people. These books give you advice on how to play online, tells you can pick up on from your opponents ( yes there are tells even though you can't see the people they still got ways to tell what they have) and the pros and cons to online play. Now what I feel should be a must have book for anybody playing in casinos and home games or even tournaments is the Read'em and Reap. In this book Phil and a FBI agent team up and created this 200 some odd page book with my favorite, pictures ( yes I still love picture books) all about reading people from head to toe. I said head to toe because its exactly that if you can't get a read off there face look at there hands and if they hide there hands look at there feet. this book will give a player the edge at the table when it comes down to are they bluffing or do they got the nuts so I do suggest this book to improve you people reading skills and if you give up on poker you can use these skills in every day life like with your boss or life partner. In other words NEVER BE LIED TO AGAIN Now one of the best books for last SUPER SYSTEM 2. Lets say it together WOW what a book, everybody is in it that Doyle ( the grand father of poker) has picked to contribute to his book so you know this book is filled with nothing but the greats and the best advice. There is 680 pages or something like that and let me tell you it's like Doyle put a microphone in side of all the greats heads and recorded all there thoughts on paper as they play. If you want to get inside the heads off all the greats then this is defiantly the book for you with the best poker advice, strategies, and professional concepts. Now another of the best books ever righten is Swayne's Advanced Degree in Hold'em. I told you above that SUPER SYSTEM 2 gets you inside the heads of the poker legends heads and you can see how they think and play but this book will transform your brain into its own legend and train it how to think while playing the game. So if you only want to books then these are the books for you. This book doesn't tell you how to think at the table it shows you how to think at the table, helps you develop your own style, and tells you how to win money in all sorts of situations and also provides you with test at the end of each section so you will know how much information you are really absorbing. Thanks for reading and remember these are only my thoughts and opinion and I hope it helps you choose the right books for your needs if one of my 8 are the ones you are going to buy and remember remember I would love to get info on other books to maybe help me in my selection next time I am at the book store so please let me know