My name is Trever and the only thing I like more than poker are my kids Taya 4 years old and Bryanna 10 years old. My purpose for this blog is to talk about the game I love so much because the people I know do not share the same enthusiasm as I do about the game and they keep telling me I am wasting my time with it. You see they think because I don't win every time that I sit down at the table that I am no good and just wasting my time and money because they think the great players win every time they play. I called my blog becoming a star beginning to end and my first post the beginning because I will show them all right now its just the beginning, the start to my career and I will be posting about the games I play and all the books I have read and hopefully one day I will be one of the great names in poker and my blog will help anybody starting out the way I am, so for those of you taking the time to read my blogs I thank you and I hope you find some of the thing I am righting about helpful to your game and if anybody think they can help me with mine that will be great. Look for my next post it will contain the books I have in my collection and my favorite ones to read, and also what I feel feel are important strategies and concepts to be used in every game.