OK so to sum it up,I intend to keep a tight bankroll mangement ,this means:

1,50 $ Heads-Up entry fee till i reach 30$

after I`have rached 30$,will play with 3,50$ ....7$ when I have 70$ and so on...and if i fall under 70$,for example 65$ again with 3,50$.


This way ,I`ll ensure some kind of safety in my play...because the last thing i did was to play Heads-Up with 7$ when i had 7,20$ in the bankroll...i played good and i won ..now my bankroll balance is 13,42 $.My advice -never play with more than 1/10 th of your bankroll and you will keep it clean.


Another thing is agression....mainly agression that should be involved in this kind of play table.And also not being tired ot angry,because this spoils it all.

So ,I won 5 1,5 $ tournaments,and one 7 $ but i also lost 3 1,5 $ ...but as a whole I`m happy ,every lost game is a lesson i learnt.