Just a quick update with recent results and next steps:


TL;DR - Didn't cash, goal not achieved...11 months left to hit the goal for 2015!

Aussie Millions Main Event:

Played the second of 3 starting flights. My first table did not give too much trouble, I had an Australian online player known as "Tollgate" directly on my right, he is a very loose player but I didnt tangle with him in any big pots before he got short stacked and moved to another table. On my left was eventual 6th place finisher Anthony Legg, I didn't play any pots with him either. He seemed like a semi-tricky player that was quite solid and only played big pots with big hands. I was at this table for about 6 hours before it broke, I didn't play any big pots at all...I opened a fair amount of hands, never really made any big hands but people were check-folding or folding to my c-bets. I never had a big hand where I pulled in a lot of chips and as a result I had only a little over the starting stack when I got moved tables. It really was bizarre, no one at the table put in any chips post flop vs me, I never got 3-bet pre-flop...nothing, it was so strange for a 10k buy-in tournament which would normally be aggressive.

Table 2:

I got moved to another table at around 10PM, I had about 32,000 chips with blinds at 200/400 - still a very deep stack. There was a lot of action at this table. At least 5 of them were online players from canada and US who were banging on about value ranges, polarisation and other poker concepts...basically showing off that they know something about the game. The guy on my right was a local player who was clearly a live recreational player and was doing a lot of limping and calling raises and not folding post flop. The guy on my left was a solid older live player who was pretty tight but not afraid to put his chips in. The guy on my right, the worst player at the table, was the one who gave me the most problems. Firstly, he limps the cut off for 400, I raise to 1800 on the button, he calls. Flop is a pretty boring 64J with no draws, I bet out 2400, he snap-shoves about 25,000 at me..I fold. Later I get KK and raise his limp again to 2000, he check calls 3800 on J82, then check shoves 5 turn. I questioned him a bit, there was nothing but strength there though, he wanted a call. I fold and he shows 22. By this point Im down to around 17k with blinds 300/600, which was the last level of the day. I made a questionable decision with 88. I min raised to 1200 from mid position, the online pro 2 seats to my left 3bets to 2500, which is really small. I feel I should have re-shoved here, but I didnt because I wasn't sure and it was a 10k event and I didnt want to risk busting if I was wrong. Instead   I just flat called to set mine, which is obviously going to be a losing play most of the time. I end up check folding to a small bet on a 10 high flop. The thing is, I looked at this guy who 3 bet me...there was definitely a weakness there in his face. He was playing my stack size here, he knew I could still be opening a lot of my range with my 27 bb stack size, and that includes hands that  I am not going to stack off with. He knows that all options for me suck, flat calling is bleeding chips, its hard for me to 4bet shove light as I had 27bbs, and I can't 4bet smaller because getting called and playing post flop oop sucks, and  folding to a 5 bet is painful too. Basically I should have shoved or folded preflop and I think shove made sense based on my feeling that the guy wasn't going to call off....I guess a doubt crept into my mind and I took the conservative approach and just called.  I end up getting pretty short, and shoved my last 12bbs over the limping guy described earlier with KQs, and got called by 66 and lost the flip. Next.

What I have learned: Forget your fears of being wrong and play the game to the best of your ability= success.


Event 18 Deep Freeze:

Played the $1500 freeze out event, the first 5 hours or so were small pots back and forth. Then it became a rollercoaster in terms of my stack size. I got short after losing a flip with TT to AJ for about half my stack. Then I found a good spot after being moved tables. EP limps, about 3 others limp behind, and I am on the button with QTo, I decide to limp behind them since there was so much in the pot, flop Q62, utg leads out I call, everyone else folds. turn was another 2, utg checks I bet he calls. River was a T giving me top 2 pair...UTG checks and I shove, he tank calls and mucks...this puts me well above average stack. nice. Pretty quiet for the next hour or so. Then Liv Boeree shows up. I thought she was quite nice at the table but as for the tournament she seemed to be in a rush/resent playing it because she was playing a high variance style and throwing chips around. I raised from UTG with AJs, she is in mid position. She quickly looks at me to try to get an idea of how strong I was, decides I am raising light and shoves 12bbs with 66. I call quickly. I know according to poker theory I am supposed to have a strong hand from UTG and therefore she needs a stronger hand to shove and therefore AJs should be no good...But we are past that and I felt it was ahead of her range or at least even money so I call. Flop is 457 all diamonds, she has a diamond and I don't. Turn is a J giving me the lead...river is a diamond! The dealer overlooked this and tried to push the pot to me, before the table pointed out that she had a flush and the win. She busted a few hands later and I never got the chips back. I had 13bb left at this point and a serial limper limped from MP, I am in the SB with KTs, there was 4000 in the pot and I had 13000, so I decided that it was a huge increase to my stack and I should just go for it...and this guy had been limping all sorts of rubbish hands so I thought he could fold..anyway he tank calls with KQo...I turn over my hand and the table gasps at it. To cut a long story short though I hit a flush and doubled, which was nice. Then  the next key hand, was when I raised UTG with AA...all fold to my disappointment, to the BB, who calls. The BB is a weak player, not only was he passive, but the way he played his hands was so transparent it was funny. In an earlier hand he tried a half-hearted bluff, in a spot where the ONLY hand he could possibly represent was a missed draw, and the other guy obviously called. Anyway, flop comes out J77, he check I bet 3200...I am trying to represent I have AK/AQ and am just c betting when I missed...he believes me and calls. turn was a 10, he checks, I bet small...4900 hoping to get calls from a weak hand, he calls again. River is a 4. He quickly grabs at his chips and grabs 3 of the 5k chips and tosses them into the pot. I only had 18k left at this point, so calling was basically going to stack me. I think the mistake he made was he was being too greedy...I had 18k left...the way the hand played out he should have bet an amount that was more in line with the size of the pot...I mean 15k is an overbet, and looks extemely fishy given that the hand played out so tamely so far. If he bets out 8k,  theres a greater chance Im going to fee compelled to call because I still have some chips left to make a comeback...I mean I'd likely fold to 8k anyway, because after check calling flop AND turn, the river donk lead is almost always value....but more players are calling 8k than 15k, in my opinion. I end up folding, he was kind enough to roll over 44 for a rivered boat! I felt good about my play, but obviously annoyed at the dirty river as now I am down to 18bbs. I dwindled down to 12k, ended up shoving over a loose opener with 99, she called with AT and that was it.


Stay tuned for more updates in the future.