So January is done, with the mtt win my bankroll now sits around 1k, ahead of the goals I had set for myself starting with $200.  The next few weeks I am going to grind the limit games, hoping to get about 40,000 hands in over the next 25 days.  For anyone who likes Dave's classes(Langolier) he will be reviewing the tournament in march sometime on a weekday at 5pm(20:00EASTERN)  and you cann all see how lukcy I got with only 10 BB 4100chips on a 400BB, when I shoved 5s6s.  Once I got to 130k I feel I played well, and there were a few nice moves, also plenty o mistakes, s should make for a good class.  My MTT game and my N/L game need work, so I am looking forward to the class as well.  


As for Feb, like I said, focus will be grinding the limit cash games, I will at the end of the month give a winrate for Feb. as well as some VPP and FPP numbers, and total hands etc.  Should make for some interesting numbers, hopefully I can keep posting winning sessions.