Well the 1st 2 weeks have been full of ups and downs, bankroll is sitting at about 260 far short of where I hoped to be but I may be able to get to goldstar which should open up some more possibilties for freerolls and faster fpp collection.  I think I will mostly focus on .25/.50 fxd limit holdem as the games seem to run more often.  I will play some of the low stakes as well when the games are running early and see if I can make a run for goldstar.  If I cannot make it by January it should be no problem by february.   

I plan on playing all the 'BIG" tournys up to a  max buy in of $11 on occasion but mostly the BIG 2,3,4 and $5.50, with the $8.80 and $11 being on occasion only until the roll reflects these as being 2-4% of my roll.  Sateliting into the Sunday storm is pretty easy also and a fun tourny to play with a super soft field.