There were a couple questions about what games I would play on a $200.  I went into pretty specific detail in my 1st post.  Since then in just a week and a half I have learned a lot about game selection, not just what game or what tables to try to play but also when to play.  I prefer tournaments, obviously to make consistant $ you need to play cash games.  I feel like my N/L game is not quite where it needs to be during the run bad times, so I am mostly playing limit.  


Limit games are less available in general obviously, but for me being on the westcoast of British Columbia there seems to be enough games but they are mostly from 5am to 11am.  It is 2am here now and there are 6 tables of fullring .25/.50 lmiit going 1 table almost 2 table soon of .50/1 lmit full ring, and currently 3 full ring tables of 2/4.  I would like to be able to get up at 5 or 6 am and start playing by 7am after having breakfast, going for a walk, just enjoying the morning and the freedom of playing poker when you want to play.  One of my golas is to become a goldstar by the end of January and this means playing higher limit games.  Limit allows for a lot of vpp and fpp rakes since you obviously can play a few more pots without risking your stack and still be profitable assuming you are not running card dead.  

To answer ovalman's question about taking a shot, I may take a shot jumping to a higher limit when I see some players that iknow are abd there, like at 3/6 whoch I have played before, I once ran 200 into 800 in 90 minutes, I basically won every pot I played and cracked anything better, it was pretty gross.  Other shots would include perhaps a bigger buy in tournamaent on a sunday or something, but this has gotten me into trouble in the past.  I really just want to play highest micro and low stakes limit cash games with some tournaments long enough to win something liek the big $2/3/ or$4 or even make some deep runs in the big $5 and big $8 and big $11.  I liek the structure of the bigs tourny series.  I do not like turbos in general.  Another favorite is the $4.50 180 man, but if you check the past results of people playing that tourny you will see it is filled with rock regulars and pros whoch I am sure comes as a suprise to most.  Many people think those are donk fests and they are not, the $4.50 180 man offers one of the best structres(if you like slow structures) online which is what I like.


Hope that answers your questions, I also am going to I think participate in the pokerschool premier qualifiers just for fun, it seems like it would be fun to be a part of a league.