Well I am one week in, and overall I think it was a good week of learning.  The software is great and I think I will skipp table scanner for limit tables as the games are limited anyway.  Probably a good option for anyone wanting to play N/L as it can really make a HUGE difference in win rate.  The good is I am not broke lol.  The bad is I did not obey my own plans for bankroll management, and gave back all my cash game profits...took some shots in some tournaments on Sunday way over my roll and nothing panned out.  I got a little overconfident I think with a couple deep runs inside top 100 and top 200 in the big $3 where I was very low on chips only a couple hours in but got some hands at the right times when it counts.




After my last post I also had a terrble run in N/L where in an 8 hour session, 8hr38minutes 2077 hands I lost almost all my buy ins I was playing 6 tables as I was not getting cards, when I did I got no action or was beat, and I soon started to play bad, unable to release QQ all in pre flop twice and even KK where I knew all of those times i was beat.  A few more time post flop with monsters some scary boards but mostly innocent looking boards I still could not make the good fold.  As the losses mounted I found it even harder releasing some hands as I wanted to get some chips back etc.  I wasn't playing out of position or cold calling with garbage or anything but I just was overplaying some big hands.  Upon reviewing all those hands, I definately ran bad, but what I take away was I waas not upset or mad at anytime, so I did not tilt in that regard.  As we know however there are many forms of tilt and being unable to fold when every instinct is telling you to, even if they are tough folds, limiting your losses in the downswings and run bad times is just as important as maximizing your value when you are winning.  When all was said and done, I was looking at the session summary and it was not nice to see.  8hrs 38min 2077 hands -$27.39  -26.37BB/100 hands.  OUCH.  So after my good N/L session I quoted previously, along with another good session where it was a bit shorter at 8hrs 14min and 1770 hands with a win rate of 9.58BB/100 hands. for a net profit of $8.48 @ .02/.05 N/L.  I was about even, maybe up a bit from Limit I played also in day 2 and some tournament scores.  I just finished a nice sessoin of lmit that produced a win rate of 13.22 BB/100 hands over 2hrs 29 min 603 hands of .10/.20 limit for a profit of $7.97

The above sessions go even further to show how important the ability to fold is, I estimated in my reviews I could have easily kept that session to maybe a $12-$14 loss tops.  I did have some coolers of course and I did run terrible, no action on sets etc.  and some tricky spots as you do when you run bad and I do not think there was anything I could do to bring the session to say a $10 loss or less.  Another factor was 6 tables instead of 4. for myself 4tbls is definately my sweet spot.  I like it, it is not tooo many that I cannot make my own notes on players, colour code them etc.  I do want to play higher limits, and I really do not feel like waiting for a  month or 2 until I have the bankroll to do so, so I will be depositing more $ every cpl  weeks and playing a bit higher so long as I feel I can be succesfull in the games of course.  Being that I played 1/2 N/L with some 2/5 and 4/8 limit live for a long time I do not see any issue with higher stakes.  Of course your average online room is tougher than your average limit game at any casino filled with part time gamblers just there chasing a bad beat jackpot and seeing every river in a limit game with bottom pair etc lol I still feel quite comfortable with the software that I can gage my opponents well enough to be succesfull.  

If anyone has any questions regarding software feel free to message me, I hope to be able to show you some big tournament scores very soon as well.  Today was a limit sesson and was also a profit

I have played so far a ton of hands and listed just the sessions times and hands below:

Jan 1 session 1) 2588hds      session 2) 509hds     session3) 1737hds

Jan 2 session 1) 472hds         session 2) 1770 hds

Jan 3 session 1) 90hds            session 2) 489 hds     session 3) 2077hds

Jan 4 session 1) 79hds            session 2) 286 hds     session 3) 122 hds     session 4) 950 hds

Jan 5 session 1) 840 hds         session 2) 809 hds     session 3) 278 hds

Jan 6 session 1) 244 hds         session 2) 603 hds

so  counting the session I just finished of  limit holdem I have played in just under 1 weeks time 13,943 hands and am winning  on cash games, if only I didn't go crazy on sunay in tournys and sitngos oh well NO MORE OF THAT lol.  good luck all of you