Well after 3000 hands of limit holdem the first day and a terrible BB/100 hands of 0.5 lol plans had to change.  Limit just is not available enough at the stakes I wanted to play at certain times.  Full ring N/L 02/05 cent was.  So buying in for 100 BB with auto top up was plan B.  Also a lot of the limit that was available was 6max, and this is not a game I like at all.  6max N/L is okay, but like frosty I prefer full ring as it is the more pure form of hold em.  I do still enjoy limiy, but I like the live limit games 3/6 and 4/8 KILL etc.


The software from HM2(holdem manager) is FANTASTIC!! No longer am I playing blind at the tables.  I cannot recommend it enough or over emphasize how much it helps making decisions.  It's great.  Reviewing your hands, replayer and adjusting your HUD as you go and decide what stats are more relevant to you is really good.  I won't go into my particular HUD stats set up as you really need to find out on your own what stats you like where etc.

 As I said I would other sotware I tested was table scanner, and leakbuster.  Leakbuster you need to buy to really get the full leak assesment.  Based on what I see so far I think it definately a good thing to go over for all skill levels, obviously the newer you are the more you will get out of it.  The more you struggle the more you will get out of it.  That said I think the full version you pay for will probably have value for even the most winning players, if for not only spotting smaller leaks, but for building confidence and to reinforce good things in your game.  They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after 1 month with the information and help it provides.   Believe me the help and scope of information they have for you is EXTENSIVE!

Note Caddy again the trial version is very limited but does offer some okay notes, but the trial version really offers stuff you can probably sort out in your own hand reviews and stats you have on other players anyway.  This is another software I believeyou need to purchase to really see how good it is.  I think down the road I will purchase note caddy premium for sure, at lest on a 1 month trial basis

Table scanner has also been pretty good, again they offer a 60 day free trial and I believe this is because as you gather stats on players label them as you see fit the program works better and better the more you play as it has more info to act on.  I have not had to much trouble finding good tables on my own however, and when you have a table filled with solid regs you can spot that pretty fast and find another table.  With this type of table find/fish find software you need to realize that others have it also and if you are not 1st 2nd or 3rd inline the fish may bust before you get there and by the time they do you will be playing a rather knitty table a lot.

3 days of results, like I said I have played more N/L at this point full ring only.  After almost 4000 hands of fixed limit and a win rate of under 1BB/100 hands no limit has produced a win rate of 16.14BB/100 hands on 3418 hands producing a profit of $27.59 in 2 days at $.02/.05 playing on 4 to 6 tables.