In this past week, poker really has felt like a job.  I have read a ton and watched all the videos on HM2(holdem mgr) I have watched a lot of session videos and training, and I have also been watching a ton of the stakes I  am going to be playing at in a few days(Jan 1st).


I have been opening the 10/20 cent limit tables, letting them run, and later watching the replayer tagging fish and regs, making quick notes on the tagged players.  I have a pretty big school..of fish I cannot wait to play lol.  I see some very common mistakes, and I was actually surprised how many different players were making the same mistake, or had the same leaks.  I won't go into detail on what they are for obvious reason, if anyone is curious feel free to ask me in a message.  


I am writing this blog for 2 simple reasons.  

1- I want to have a record of my play and show others starting how winning poker is not some mysterious formula etc

2-to help keep me on track with my  bankroll mgmt, something I,.. like many players have struggled with in the past.


The goals I have set are PRETTY steep(previous post), but if you are going to set goals, no point in making them easy.