Looks like this time last year, I wrote that it'd be great to be able to learn to 4-table, take a shot at 25nl, make gold star, and study ICM some more.

Was happy to have managed to take that shot at 25nl and make gold star this past year, and while the win-rates up at 25nl aren't as high, the VPP and FPP reward bonuses are much greater, so that's been nice. Am also looking forward to playing the VIP tourney at the end of the month with a $100k prize pool.

The 4-tabling didn't go nearly as well – the more volume the better, so was really hoping that would be something that might improve with practice, but it just doesn't appear to be my thing.  May try 3-tabling 25nl and see how that goes, but probably won't give it a try until the start of the new year, after my 2014 Challenge is over.

And am still playing various games on the side, despite making it one of my goals for 2014 to cut down on the poker 'side-hobbies'   Maybe every once in a while it's not so bad to play other games for fun, so long as our work's getting done for our regular game?  Worked really hard this past year to try and improve my c-betting and 3-betting, as well as hand ranging and hand planning, by watching live training videos and doing hand reviews - so hopefully putting in all that hard work made it okay to go off and have a little fun playing Spin & Gos, tourneys, and a little plo every once in a while

Good news to hear there won't be any cuts to the VIP Rewards program for 2015 – wasn't sure where that was going to leave me, but hopefully it'll still be possible to try taking a shot at 50nl sometime in the next year ... and hopefully it goes well!

Special thanks to GarethC23 for the great live training classes – they've taught me everything I know, and it seems unlikely I'd even be profitable if not for them.  Also have to give thanks to Sandtrap for being such a great role model here at PSO - goal-setting really helped me get organized this year, which helped me make the most of my time.

Looking forward to another fun year of poker!  GL to all of us in the next year!!