Never been much of a goal-setter.  People are motivated in different ways, and being curious and enthusiastic about learning new things has always seemed to keep things moving for me in the right direction.   But reading about all the things Sandtrap has been able to accomplish through goal-setting had me wondering ... what would it be like to set out a specific plan of action at the beginning of the year, and really try to stick to it?  How hard would it be?  Would it really make that much of a difference?  The Time Vault Challenge promotion gave me just the reason I needed to give goal-setting a go, to try and find these things out.

Not sure I was totally sold on the idea of goal-setting at the start of the year though, because all I put down as my goal was that I wanted to learn how to play better.  lol.  And apparently a 'SMART' goal is one that's measurable, for example two of Sandtrap's goals were to achieve Supernova, and to make $18,000 this year.  Although my goal was more process-oriented, I did nevertheless manage to learn a LOT of new things this year - I've gotten a lot better at folding, thanks in big part to learning how to hand range, hand plan, and c-bet.  All the improvements I've made this year have come thanks to the PSO video library, and hand analysis section - they're both such incredible resources ... where would I be without them?  

Actually, after Sandtrap mentioned at the end of January that he felt like a lot of our goals were poorly defined, I did go back and add a measurable goal of wanting to make $1k this year.  And because it was something that got written down, it was always there in the back of my mind.  But for someone more process-oriented like me, it would pose a bit of a dilemma when my two goals of wanting to become a better player and to make more money would conflict.  For example, I was learning so much more by playing one table of break-even poker at 10nl than I ever could at 5nl - but I could make actual money by 3-tabling 5nl, which I was also able to do profitably at night EST.  So what to do at night - review hands from 10nl and watch videos for how to fix leaks, or play 5nl and grow my roll but not learn anything new?  I chose the former - but interestingly enough, it sounds like Paul7036 (Time Vault Challenge Summary - by Paul7036) had a similar dilemma and chose to go the other route, and now he's rich!

So where does this leave me when it comes to using the process of goal-setting as a way to stay motivated and organized?  Am kind of wanting to see the $1k thing through, so maybe it might be interesting to make that a goal for next year.  Hopefully PSO'll offer another Time Vault promo with prizes for participating.

PS Thank you to everyone who stopped by my Time Vault thread to offer me tips and encouragement - your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated!!