Last year at this time, I made it my goal to keep working on trying to get better at zoom, move up to 10nl, learn PLO, and make Silver Star.  And so in the past 12 months, I've managed to learn how to read/range/plan hands from Live Training classes/videos and the Hand Analysis section, started turning a profit at 10nl after being break-even for about six months, final tabled two small PLO tourneys, and have been Silver Star since March.

This upcoming year, I'd like to learn how to 4-table Zoom, then hopefully take a shot at 25nl, and hopefully make Gold Star.  Have also been enjoying learning more about ICM on the side for fun, so will probably continue with that as well.

Many thanks to all the trainers, hand analyzers, and fellow posters who have taught me so much this past year – Dave, Gareth, GeoVarta, Arty, Roland, TommyGun, Carlos, and so many more.

Am looking forward to another year of poker fun and excitement!!