Last year, after having played poker for a full year, I used this blog to assess where my game was at, and made it my goal to try and learn to stop losing (so much) money by the end of year two.   Which seemed to help give this little past-time of mine some much-needed direction - so I'm gonna try doing it again for the upcoming year ... hope it works as well as it did last year!


This upcoming year, I'm gonna keep working hard to try and learn as much as I can about all the little intricacies of the game, and keep plugging away at those leaks so that I can hopefully keep moving up stakes from 5nl.  Also, was thinking it might be fun to try learning Pot-Limit Omaha!

Have to give thanks to PSO for all the great resources you've put together on this site.  I've learned so much from so many people, which has been amazing.  Would like to give special thanks to the following people for teaching me:

19Honu62 - discipline and proper record-keeping

Spacegravy - short-stacked push-fold play from his vids

Sklansky/Malmuth - post-flop play from their book Small-Stakes Holdem

Chewme1 - all things tourney

Garethc23 - all things cash and zoom


Can't wait for year three!!


EDIT: Hey, if anybody's finding themselves in the same position I was at last year, I kept a more detailed blog of my journey from losing player to profitable one in the forum ... here's the link! :


PS Would also love to make Silver Star!!