So my goal of trying to learn to be profitable is still a bit of a mixed bag - my SNG play seems to be coming along fine, thanks in large part to the Cowboy Challenge. Whereas cash games and tournaments still appear to be 'works on progress'.

I suppose more practice couldn't hurt, eh?   Here's a list of tournaments that seem like pretty 'good deals', in that they have little or no entry fee, or money added by Stars, which makes them a nice place to get some practice:

1. WBCOOP - in exchange for writing a blog, PS'll give us 10 tickets to play our choice of like 30 tournaments, with SCOOP tickets as prizes. There's also the grand finale, with a cash prize of $5,000. It seems like this promotion seems to be attracting a lot of pro interest, which makes me feel like I don't have a chance of surviving longer than like an hour or two, let alone winning a prize, unless I run hot like the sun. So it's kind of hard to imagine what I'd do with $5,000 if I were to win the grand prize of the main event. But that's part of the promotion, so I guess if I were to win the $5,000, I'd probably use the money to join a bunch of poker websites, and find me a coach!

2. $1,000 Added Depositor Freerolls - it costs me $5.00 in processing fees everytime i make a deposit by credit card, so technically these tourneys aren't free. But last month, I managed to make around $9.00 playing these about once a day, and so it's possible to come out in the plus. And there's always that chance of running hot like the sun. Some nice prizes for anybody managing to run deep. I haven't been buying any rebuys or add-ons.

3. PSO Knockout Festival - with it's $250 guarantee, and only something like 87 participants last month, with it's $2.20 entry fee it was a nice bargain. And the quality of play was super high. For anybody who finds 150VPP's too much of a challenge to accrue to make participating in the Premier League feasob;e, this tournament was a nice way to be able to hang with the big dogs.

4. $0.25 ($100 added) and $0.10($50 added) tourneys (under the VIP tab) - I've made final table in both of these ... still hoping to one day come in 1st in a tourney ... hopefully with practice, one of these days ...

5. Other promotions that PS offered in the past that I signed up for - a free WCOOP ticket for making a deposit, a free Time Tourney ticket for making a deposit, $1,000 added $0.10 tourneys during their 10th Anniversary Celebrations, a free SCOOP ticket last year for making a deposit, then there's the Leagues ...

Hope to see some of you at the tables for the WBCOOP!