Wow, has my game ever come a long ways from when I started out by playing every single hand right down to the river, lest I fold too soon and lose the chance of 72o bottom pair making a boat by the river (lool!).  That got old pretty quickly, but for a long while it was still more fun to get involved in more pots when the hands were decent, rather than sit on the sides and watch.

A year into playing poker, a lot of the fun now seems to come more from the challenge in dealing with the deception angle of the game (getting accurate reads when people are masking hands or overrepresenting their holdings, etc.) And, it'd sure be 'fun' to learn how to consistently turn a profit!

Up until now, what with the fun of poker being wrapped so much in the playing of hands (irrespective of whether or not the play was +/-EV), I've been avoiding the cash tables.  Without the structure of a tournament, I'd just go wild every time I got a top pocket pair ... all-in!!  But now with all those great pro videos that have been added to the library, maybe now's a good time to give those cash tables a serious try.

Gonna start by watching Chipstar1's (Mathew Didlick's) FLH 1c/2c, and work my way up from there.  Will see how it goes!