I just pre ordered myself a PS4 and ive been told I should get a better TV in order to get the most out of it but after researching TV's for gaming ive realised im going to need to spend at least $500+ which im not really happy about spending.

Instead I came up with the idea of dedicating just $50 and a month of my life (I have all other expenses paid for) to grind up enough $$$ to get a nice tv. If I run it up to $3000 then ill be buying some giant cinema screen tv but tbh thats unlikely and what im predicting to happen is the bankroll to land somewhere between $500 - $1500.

Im going to begin at the $0.50 level sng's and work my way up through the levels and hopefully soon will start playing a regular day full of micro mtt's. I dont really know what will happen but judging from previous experiences, sending the bankroll up to $500+ should be a breeze 

I started the challenge yesterday on the 3rd of Jan with a fresh $50 in the stars cashier and I will be withdrawing my full bankroll on the 3rd of Feb no matter what it is. After that I will continue my regular life of an arbitrage better/ poker pro. Im currently at $105 but im about to play one long ass session right now so alot can change, hopefully on the + side...