My anger grows as my downswing blossoms all the right plays but yet always donked out which makes me sad for the game bad beat after bad beat nothing changes except my bankroll which gets lower and lower this doesnt seem like poker but more bingo. I sit by watching my monsters get ripped apart time after time and my rags prevailing I sit by and lough to myself thinking what a joke they only way I can win Is by playing rags what a joke. How so can the Donks be rewarded so much and why does the online game seem to favor them so much it's amazes me but yet hurts at the same time. Does the online game favor them who spend more because the last thing pokerstars wants is for some one to win money and not reinvest it on the site as pokerstars is a business first and a poker site second and the aim of all businesses is to make as much money as possible. So I ask again does the online favor them who spend more?