well hello there pso buddies lol just a quick hello ,
im tripple83 tripps for short  probarly something to do with my short temper lol after being a problem drinker and a series of hospital treatments and rehad just most recently i have come back to play and learn all over again i started playing poker back in 2008 when i bought my first computer  and my biggest win is around 700$ so not a great amount its just over break even if im lucky so this time round with a clear head and a strictly no alcohol intake im hoping to start making a little and learning a whole lot  not much else to say so bye for now gl on the tables
oh im starting with 20$ a pso ticket and 31 days of depositors freeroll tickets its the 15th january
so ill update this blog post on the 17th feb and let you know if im broke/breaking even or progressing
take care all