Yesterday I made it to #68 during the 1 p.m. tourney and then....splat.....or maybe I should say splash!....the river got me. (For my favorite version of that great old torch song "Cry me a river" click here.)  I had earlier gone from about 1200 chips to 46,000 and was feeling pretty good.

Then the fateful hand came: I got AA as my hole cards.  While trying to figure out how to handle them, someone to my right bet $5,000 (the bb was $2500).  I decided to double to $10,000.  Everyone folded to him.  He called.  The flop came and the cards were nothing above a nine and no flush threat. 

Guy-to-my-right made a $6,000 bet and I went all in.  He had QQ as his hole cards. The turn....fine.  The guessed it..... a Q.  The odds of him getting another Q were extremely small but.... oh well.   I cried me a river, alright.

I love AA but you never, ever know.  (See my 2 blog posts about "The Curse of the Kings" if you want to read more about ridiculous odds coming to pass.)  

Hope you have wonderful luck with all your aces today.
See you at the tables.