Last month I joined the PSO league on January 23rd and was happily surprised when my final score for the month was 1618. This month, like the song says, my score is...well... going up, down (mostly down) and all around.

Mainly because sometimes I just can't help taking a chance. This morning, for instance, I flopped a lovely straight. I had a J-8 suited and the flop was 9, 10, Q. Boy was I happy. There was already substantial money in the pot and I decided to shut it out by going all in.

I mean, there wasn't even a flush draw threat on the table. So I shove in and one guy calls. He has a K-10 offsuit. So he had a pair of tens and a possible gutshot straight if a J flopped on the turn or river. That was 11-to-1 against even before he knew I had a J in my hand so to odds were tremendously in my favor.

Of course, a J flopped on the turn and to add insult to injury an ace flopped on the river.  (It only hurts when I laugh.)

Then in the 1 p.m. game today I was short-stacked and was dealt an AK. When the guy on my right went all in I figured this was my best shot so I called and a third guy called too.

I had AK, guy-on-my-right had A-2, and guy-across had A-J.  The flop to the river included an ace, a 2, and a Jack!  Probably guy-on-my-right felt the worst because he had a tiny, fleeting hope until the J fell.

Anyway, I need to recite the mantra "tight is right" or some such thing if I want to climb out of the deep, deep hole I've dug for myself.  But I won't give up risky moves, like those above, if they seem reasonable.

This league will continue to pose an interesting challenge for me -- and may ultimately help me improve my game -- which I admit would be a good thing -- I could use a lot of improvement.

But always with courage.   Have a courageous, winning, joyful day.
See you at the tables!