If you’ve seen my previous post, “The Curse of the Kings” you know that I had the weirdest experience of my short poker playing career with a run of KK.

 Well, this morning I was in a series of turbo Sit & Go tournaments on another poker site. (I could tell you which one but then the PS support swat team would have to come kill me and I don’t think they’re in the mood for bloodshed today.  Let’s just say that I’m living in a Snow Zone and they would not be happy campers.)

 Anyway, it’s the type of tourney – 3 minutes per level – where if you have a primo hand and not many chips, you’d probably better go all in because you need to grow your stack fast. Here’s how it went:

 Tourney #1:  First hand, I get KK. I raise to 200 or 300 and a guy left of me goes all-in. Then a guy to my right goes all in. So I go all in – and lose to Q-6 off-suit.  Now I’m down to 100 chips and the next hand I’m dealt is – I swear –   Q-6 off-suit.  I’m thinking…hmmmm… having a Queen isn’t bad and I only have 100 chips and this hand just won… so I went all in and lost to a 9-2 off-suit.

 Tourney #2:  Second hand I get A-K off-suit. A guy on my right goes all in and I figure my odds are fairly good against one person so I go all-in.  He has a 10-7 off-suit.  He wins with his seven when the flop to the river gives him a 4-8 straight.

 Tourney #3: Too painful. Have apparently blocked it from my memory.

 Tourney #4:  First hand – AA.  Won! (Phew!)  I go on and make it to final table. And then to being one of the top 3 players. In this tourney they are handing out prizes to the top 2 players. So I get….  KK.  I double the blind bet. The guy to my right goes all in.  I call with all my chips. He as an A-little off-suit.  And flops an ace of course!

 Look, I know I  win a lot with KK and AA and A-whatever and K-whatever but those wins somehow aren’t as memorable as my losses. And certainly aren’t as frequent. I’ve never been dealt AA or KK four or 5 times in a row, for instance, and won with them four or five times in a row. (Unlike my original “Curse” story, where I lost with KK six times in a row within minutes.)

Also, in one of the poker books I have, the author-pro writes that he once arrived at a top "live" tournament -- one where the buy-in is $10,000 or more -- and his very first hand he was dealt AA. Then, unfortunately for him, a player to his right went all in.  So the author-pro folded.

Why?  Because even though he had the best possible starting hand, "Even aces can lose. I had worked very hard to get to this tournament and I didn't want ot go out on the first hand. So I folded."  I'm sure that attitude and way of thinking is part of what makes him a champion in the "real" world of poker.

 To wrap up this little rant, I’ll tell you what just happened at the 1p.m. PSO Skill tourney.  I had about 1400 chips. I was dealt KK.  The blinds were 50, I bet 100 and the guy to my left, raised to 400. 

Looking back, I probably should have called his 400, and when the Ace flopped, tried to read, from his betting, etc., whether he now had AA. And then (he would have probably bet aggressively) gritted my teeth and folded.

But what I actually did was go all in before the flop. He called.  He had an A-K.  Only 3 cards in the deck could beat me.  And he flopped an Ace!  Apparently the curse of the Kings continues…. At least for me.

 Have a wonderful and winning day.  See you at the tables!