In the 10 p.m. PSO skill game on 1/31 I made it to #95 -- 2 cents :-D   -- yea ! -- and it should have brought my final league score / ranking for the month higher. But overnight PS wiped out the Leaderboard and put N/A for both those things in my profile.

Does anyone know if we'll ever get to see final standings for January 2011?  Presumably the last game of January counts but everything is a blank.  I wrote to PS support but they told me to look at the leaderboard which is of course blank.   Maybe everything will show up overnight. What do you think?

Bye the way, I spent a long time at a really fun table. I want to especially shout out to Tommy5533, K1llerKirk, and Kenny Powerz -- it was great playing with you guys.   And Tommy5533, if you read this, please let me know your final standing in last night's NAPL senior tournament. I hope you made it deep into the money.