This is a true story -- probably the weirdest experience I've ever had at a poker table.
One day many months ago I was playing at a 1-cent / 2-cent NL hold'em table on Pokerstars. All of a sudden I started getting pairs of kings as my hole-cards -- six times more or less in a row. Out of between 8 and 12 hands, there they were at least 6 times -- KK.   You'd think this is great, right?  Ha! I lost every single time.

It didn't matter how I played them -- raised to drive out limpers, went all in, or smooth-called.
I lost, lost, lost.  I even switched tables to break the "curse" but it didn't matter. The KK's followed me to that table too.  I was so spooked by KK hands after that, that it took months to get over the experience.

Of course you can lose with anything, and I have -- losing with AA is particularly painful.  But getting KK six times more or less in a row and losing, losing, losing blew my mind.  What reminded me of this incident is that I played in one tournament  yesterday  where I got KK twice in a row -- and lost.  The second loss was against a guy with 44 in his hand.   He took all my chips and ended my run at that tourny. I sure hope the Curse of the Kings isn't back!