Losing with 3 queens isn't easy. In fact it's rather  painful.  Yesterday I played in exactly 1 PSO freeroll (10 .p.m.) and it was short and far from sweet. (Weeping smiley face to go here.)  Out of dozens of hands I was dealt, exactly 2 were decent and I lost both those hands to the guy on my left.

The heatbreaker was my hidden set of queens (QQ in my hand and one on the flop) which fell to his straight on the river (ever happen to you? Ha! I'm being funny -- my guess is "Un, duh -- a lot." ) Anyway, as some pro once said, "You can't fold your way to victory."  Unfortunately for me he's right. 

Luckily for me, this loss only brought down my ranking a little  (I will probably never, exer understand the calculations but I'll take it).  As Scarlett once said (O'Hara, not Johansson), "Tomorrow is another day," so see you at the tables, bloody but more or less unbowed.  Bye for now!