Like you and everyone else, I suppose, I've faced Chip Bullies both at cash tables (1cent /2 cent -- I'm no high roller!) as well as in tournaments (where they are often  All-In Morons). Starting with this post, I plan to share a few favorite stories about how I and other sufferers have fought back successfully and I hope you'll add some comments about your experiences.  When it comes to CB's and AIM's we're all in this together...
Story #1: so there I was at a cash table with a chip bully to my left:

He was about 3 seats to my left and he was driving the entire table crazy. No matter how many people came in on a hand, when it got to the CB, he would raise some absurd amount before the flop and everyone would fold because it was just so expensive to call him.  Actually he would either stay out of the hand or do his mega-raise, giving the impression that he only came in with really great cards.

But after it went on for a while, I became suspicious. So I waited for a pretty good hand -- not AA but pretty good -- and called him.  The flop came and I had a great hand. It was his turn first and he bet heavily.  I didn't buy it and called -- and at the showdown he turned out to have nothing.  Little junk cards.

Well, the spell had been broken. He lost all credibility. After that, whenever he pulled a mega-raise pre-flop, somebody at the table challenged him and soon he was driven off the table -- but not before I used the Notes feature to note how this clown operated, in case I ever encounter him again.

It was beautiful seeing the whole table go after him -- like hounds after a (discredited) fox. One Chip Bully down - -but so many more to go!