I've been reading a lot of blog posts tonight -- and boy am I seeing a lot of whining about "donks" -- one guy even asks that the PSO league  "punish" supposedly "bad" players by banning them when their rankings get too low -- so that he doesn't have to contend with such low quality  playing. Especially since these terrible players apparently keep winning hands against him. That's just so darn unfair!

One thing that's so funny about all  this complaining is that having read seveal books by pros, I realize they obviously see donks as their friends. Sort of like ATM cash machines -- particularly at Cash Game tables but even at tournaments.

I swear that I actually watched a video by one pro  where he basically gave lessons on how to find what he called "loose" players at casinos. I kid you not. Playing with donks is his bread and butter.

And bye the way, if you really, really think Pokerstars is rigged why in the world don't you stop playing here? I mean, get a grip.....