Just today (1/23/11) I discovered this whole Poker School Online sub-universe -- wow! Who knew?  And they even give us blogs to play with. I'm not very good at poker yet but am really trying to learn -- on a good day I really, really love it.
There's actually a lot of things I want to blog about -- and I'm hoping that maybe somebody reading this will have something to say on any or all of it. It would be great to get a conversation going. Off the top of my head, here's a few of the topics  I'm planning to blog about (in no particular order):
  • How to stop giving opponents waaay too much credit when trying to figure out what they're really holding based on their bets (also known as "I folded my solid middle board pair to their  duces ??" )
  • How do I take the so-called rules of good tight aggressive play (position, position, position, etc...) and adjust them to the really different world of turbo tournaments where waiting for the right hole cards in the right position can get you killed?
  • Thanks  for Chat Block -- but having to use it so much can get pretty depressing.
  • I really doubt that Pokerstars is "rigged" but here's some of the really wiggy stuff I've seen -- geesh.
  • I've been winning much more heads up lately. Here's why... 
  • Boredom and impatience are probably my two biggest weaknesses when trapped at sleepy tables...
  • How to survive the All-in Moron when I'm stuck at his table for a long, long time....
  • Losing because I just really, really don't want to believe that the other guy really, really has that card (the 3rd King or whatever)
I'm pretty sure this is just a starter list.  The topic of "Poker" is pretty deep and wide, ain't it?
Hope to hear from some of you -- and I'm going to start reading your blogs tonight.
Cio for now.