Hi my name is Ian and I have been playing poker somewhat unsuccessfully for over 10years. I really enjoy the game in a few variants and my problem has always been the idea of socialising and grinding mixing.

What I'm trying to say is, is that I love to play live events and get DRUNK with friends, who then proceed to whoop my a* s at the tables   I've suddenly realised that to make a profit at poker (any profit) I need to get better, get back to basics and I really need to start with a blank canvas.

I haven't set a start date yet but I really need to and I wonder if any other older players are finding that the old idea of folding to the money doesn't pay long term any more.

I have done ok in periods in the past, I belong to an amateur organisation called APAT and am the online Kent captain. I won the APAT world championship Stud event in 2010 at Dusk Til Dawn, Nottingham for just under £1000 and I recently cashed in the same series at DTD in August 2011 in the Heads up and came 7th in the PLO but only small cashes.

I need to convert and so   I WILL TAKE THE GAME BACK TO DAY 1.................. A new start and I'm going to do it with this poker school....... Poker Gods willing