Hello to all pokerschool members. This is a whole new ball game in the pokerworld to me. I've been playing poker for many years now and i havent come across something this amazing. Im new to this so i got lots to learn. I'm here to post a monthly goal,i'm starting the beginning of next month and that would be April 1st. Im gonna make a deposit of 100-200$ and try to turn it into 2k for the month of april. (hey its a start) So this means all kinds of grinding From april first to the end of april.Im kind of bad at bankrollmanagement so this is kind of why im here writing blogs so i can improve my game and learn more about the game.i was thinking about grinding 2.50 180seaters for a solid week or so but you just never know with those swings. Im still in deep thought of the situation so maybe i can get some feed back from some experienced players or even players who don't play much. An idea is just a thought to me so ill keep an eye out.I also want to get into tournament action, all these months i think ive been paying to much attention to the 180seaters, So i think this is a big step for me. Im going to be doing more studying then playing this past week like i said im still going through blogs/etc. Many more blogs to come!